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Content Archiving - Email, File and SharePoint Archiving Solution
Email archiving for productivity, management, compliance

GFI Archiver® is an award-winning archiving solution for Exchange and other mail servers, which is used by businesses worldwide to solve their email management problems. It provides secure, compliant storage for emails and documents, and helps businesses get the most from their email history.

GFI Archiver helps administrators maintain an easily accessible archive of all corporate email correspondence, significantly improve server performance, eliminate the need for PST files and meet a growing number of compliance and eDiscovery regulations.

Make the most of your company’s most important information source – your email history.

GFI Archiver helps businesses get the most from the wealth of company information held in their email store by including MailInsights reports as an integral part of its email management solution. MailInsights reports can help you identify potential security breaches, legal risks and productivity issues by extracting key data from your email archive. MailInsights reports highlight the weak spots in your company, leaving you to focus on your strengths.

Improve server performance
Reduce the load on Exchange Server, increasing efficiency and providing your users with a virtually unlimited mailbox.
Eliminate PST files
When you automatically archive your email history to a central, easily accessible store, there is no need to rely on cumbersome PST files.
Secure archiving for compliance
Store emails and documents centrally in a tamper-proof store to help with compliance, e-discovery and internal investigations.
Easy search and restore
You can store emails and documents in a way that makes them easy to search and restore to their original format.
Instant access wherever you are
Users can instantly find and retrieve lost or deleted emails and documents in the office or on the move.
Identify business issues
Identify legal risks and manage productivity through reports based on the business critical information held in your email archive.

Reduce legal risk and help with compliance

  • Maintain a complete archive of company email and business critical documents for e-discovery and compliance purposes, internal inquiries and customer complaints
  • Enjoy peace of mind that stored emails are genuine and have not been tampered with message auditing functionality
  • Identify HR issues and security breaches and improve productivity using MailInsights reports

Save money and manage business critical email efficiently

  • Improve your mail server performance and benefit from unlimited mailbox size by maintaining your email history in a separate database
  • Eliminate reliance on PST files and save on storage by keeping just one central copy of an email and its attachments
  • Backup and restore Exchange Server more quickly

Instant access to lost emails and documents wherever you are

  • When travelling or conducting meetings offsite, enjoy peace of mind that your emails and documents are safe and accessible
  • Instantly access archived email and documents directly from Outlook, or on the go via iPhone®,iPad®, Android™
  • Easily retrieve old or deleted emails on demand, with full thread and conversation

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