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Web & Mail Security
Top Features
  • Virus checking with multiple anti-virus scanning engines
  • Scan for Trojans and executables
  • Email exploit detection engine
  • Attachment checking
  • Granular user-based email content policies/ filtering
Other Features
  • Norman Virus Control & BitDefender virus engines are included
  • Kaspersky, McAfee and AVG virus engines (optional)
  • Automatic removal of HTML scripts
  • Spyware detection
  • Multiply the value of GFI MailSecurity™ with powerful reporting
  • Custom quarantine filters
  • Enable easy quarantine folder monitoring through RSS feeds
  • Web-based configuration enables remote management from any location
  • Approve/ reject quarantined email using the moderator client, email client or web-based moderator
  • Searching within quarantined emails
  • Full threat reporting for quarantined emails
  • Support for virtual environments
Awards and reviews

For more information about GFI MailSecurity,
please contact our Sales Representative at 2556 2162, or email at