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Network and Vulnerability Management
As low as HKD$120 per IP
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Top Features
  • Enterprise class architecture
  • Includes checks for Exchange 2000/ 2003, ISA server, IIS and others
  • Performs administrative steps to ensure that a service is running
  • Takes corrective action automatically
  • Alert notification via email, pager or SMS
Other Features
  • Built-in computer monitor functions
  • Built in Internet service functions
  • Support for SQL Server/ MS Access as a database backend
  • Monitor terminal servers by actually logging in
  • Monitor your database servers (SQL/ ODBC)
  • Monitor Linux servers
  • View network status from anywhere in the world
  • Monitor remote event logs
  • Monitor processes, services performance and CPU usage
  • Custom network monitoring using VBScript and SSH
  • Monitor users, groups and other Active Directory information
  • Competitively priced
  • Nested folder support
  • Configure maintenance periods to avoid alerts being sent during scheduled maintenance
  • Advanced logging options to text file or event log
  • Configure dependencies to avoid multiple alerts for error conditions dependent on each other
  • Monitor network printer status
  • Reporting – includes reports that detail the availability of your network resources; alternatively, use Crystal Reports to access the database and create your own reports
  • Monitoring checks wizard that easily configures new checks for your present systems
  • Accommodates employee shifts: GFI network Server Monitor can notify different people depending on the time at which the check triggered
  • Support for virtual environments
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