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Web & Mail Security
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The Internet is full of temptations. Can your users resist them?

The Internet is one of the most useful resources in the office – but only if you can manage the potential issues:

  • Productivity losses due to employees spending time on sites with little work-related content
  • Security risks: from unsecure sites and from legitimate sites that have been compromised
  • Bandwidth losses from people downloading large files or watching streaming media.

Run the 30-day trial of GFI WebMonitor to find out exactly what your Internet connection is being used for and what security risks you are exposed to.

Increase productivity
Reduce time wasted by employees online through the granular management of their browsing habits.
Proactively protect your network
Control downloadable file types, scan downloads using multiple antivirus engines and block known malicious sites.
Maximize available bandwidth
Set time and bandwidth thresholds, block streaming media, and gain via proxy caching
Manage social media use
Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the whole internet, but is it where your employees should be?
Monitor HTTPS traffic
Protect against malware masking itself in HTTPS traffic, and block attempts to circumvent web filtering.
Prevent data leakage
Block socially-engineered phishing websites and other online scams by controlling Internet access.
Immediate ROI
Reap financial rewards immediately by controlling employees’ Internet usage
Filter Internet use
Create and enforce an Internet usage policy to filter websites based on a list of over 280,000,000 domains

With so much entertainment and information available on the Internet it is sometimes surprising that people find time to do any work. Several surveys have found that the average is over an hour a day spent on content that is not work related. Restricting access to unproductive sites and blocking access to dangerous ones puts a company back in control of their Internet access. Manage social media sites like Facebook and blocking access.

  • Are employees updating their social media pages instead of working?
  • Malware is most often found on legitimate websites that have been compromised
  • Most companies that suffer from slow Internet connectivity do not need more bandwidth, they just need to manage the misuse of what they already have
  • According to IDC up to 40% of employee internet activity is non-work related
  • Microsoft research indicates that 45% of malware infections happen when an employee clicks, downloads and runs something
  • The ‘Information security breaches survey 2012’, by PWC finds that only 17% of small businesses restrict access to social media sites and half do not block access to inappropriate websites
  • According to a survey by 2 million workers spend an hour a day ‘Facebooking’ at work.

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