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Servers & Desktop Virtualization

High Availability
Avoiding Planned and Unplanned Downtime for Critical Applications
Planned Downtime
Keeping users seamlessly connected during any server disruption, with no need to restart applications after failover; that is the goal. But your organization requires a solution without unnecessary complexity or cost. Neverfail provides a high availability solution that is simple, cost effective and protects against interruptions caused by application failures, operating system problems, SAN failures, network issues or hardware failures.

Unplanned Downtime

No matter the level of investment, even the most detailed high availability plan cannot completely eliminate the need for planned downtime to perform periodic maintenance. Planned downtime, not unplanned downtime, accounts for the vast majority of time applications and systems are unavailable: between 70% and 90% of all downtime is directly associated with planned maintenance activities. With a product like Neverfail, companies can recognize a direct reduction in the cost of planned maintenance, while at the same time enabling a rock-solid high availability and disaster recovery plan.

The Neverfail Solution: Neverfail v6 High Availability
  • Implement cluster-class availability without the cost of identical servers, expensive shared storage or special editions of OS and application software.
  • Perform maintenance at any time without disrupting users and services and eliminate the impact of planned downtime on your organization’s productivity.
  • Ensure the continuity of critical applications in the face of a wide range of problems including facilities issues, hardware and software problems and human error.

Key High Availability Features
  • Software-based data replication enables failover to a standby system while maintaining a duplicate copy of critical data for redundancy.
  • Leverage unique application awareness, integration and automation to intelligently monitor both the availability and health of critical applications and failover to a standby system if needed.
  • Application failover steps are handled automatically, minimizing the risk of human error associated with poor training or attention to details during an outage.
  • Business application protection provides the ability to configure and manage availability for each of the components of a multi-tier application as a single unit.
  • Protects Microsoft® Exchange, SQL and File Servers, SharePoint® and IIS, as well as RIM BlackBerry®, Progress® OpenEdge® RDBMS, Oracle® database or Lotus® Domino®.
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