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Servers & Desktop Virtualization

Key Benefit & Summary
One Tool for All Protection Scenarios
  • Low Cost HA Solution
    • More capabilities, reliability, simplicity
    • Yet priced more competitively than other inferior products
  • Eliminates Downtime for Important Applications
    • No loss of Revenue
    • No loss of End-User Productivity
    • No loss of Credibility w/Users and Customers
  • Provides a Business-Centric View of Protection
    • Organizations define the unit of measure for protection
    • Multi-Tier Applications, Individual Servers, IT Services and all their Interdependencies
  • Heterogeneous Protection
    • Physical and Virtual Environments (P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V)
    • Any Combination of Physical Server and Storage Hardware
  • Single Point of Management and Control
    • Organizations define the unit of measure for protection
    • Across All Windows-based Applications
    Experience Real Continuous Availability for Mission-Critical Applications?
    Please click Here to watch the Neverfail Demo