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Backup and High Availability

Reclaim VM Storage; Improve VM Performance

vOptimizer Pro is the only available storage optimization solution that finds and reclaims over-allocated VM storage and then realigns 64K partitions to optimize VM performance.

First, vOptimizer Pro scans through vCenter Servers/ESX Hosts and individual VMs looking for and then adding up over-allocated VM storage. Companies can instantly see just how much wasted virtual storage they have accumulated and how much money they could save if they could reclaim this storage. Potential storage savings estimates are generated from customer entered information including storage costs and desired VM free space.

Next, vOptimizer Pro right-sizes (shrinks) VMs to reclaim the over-allocated storage. This automated process enables customers to use their existing storage more efficiently and cost-effectively. Also, vOptimizer Pro can locate and fix (enlarge) VMs that are running out of storage - effectively preventing painful and costly VM outages.

Finally, vOptimizer Pro can now perform Windows 64K partition alignments to the newly sized VMs. This patent pending process increases I/O throughput and reduces latency. This 64k partition alignment operation can significantly improve VM performance.

vOptimizer Pro is a unique solution that enables companies to quickly increase storage utilization, improve overall VM storage performance, and substantially lower storage acquisition costs.

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