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Backup and High Availability

Comprehensive Backup and Recovery for Virtual Infrastructures

vRanger Pro 4 Data Protection Platform (DPP) is the next generation of Vizioncore's market leading virtual backup and recovery solution. vRanger Pro allows administrators to ensure all virtual assets are properly backed up on a regular basis and that "computing ready" virtual environments can be restored and populated with recovered data as quickly as possible. Following are highlights of the new vRanger 4 Pro DPP solution:
  • Up to 50% shorter backup windows with new Direct to Target architecture that bypasses unnecessary proxy servers and writes backup data directly to target storage.
  • Up to 2000% improvement in backup parallelism by executing multiple, simultaneous backups on all available ESX host servers.
  • 120X faster File Level Restores (FLRs) allow vRanger Pro to now restore single data files in minutes or even seconds.
  • High speed LAN-free (fiber) backups up to 175MB/s with the fastest vStorage API implementation available today.

For a complete list of vRanger Pro 4 DPP enhancements, please click here. For additional information on vRanger Pro 4 DPP features and functionalities, please click here.

Platforms Supported:

  • VMware vSphere ESX 4.x
  • VMware ESX 3.x
  • VMware ESXi (licensed versions only)
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