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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
Replay for Exchange

What if you could design an Exchange backup solution to give you total peace of mind? What would it be? Quick to set up? Elegantly simple to use? Scalable to accommodate your e-mail growth? Designed and supported by a com­munity of Exchange engineers like you? Oh, and inexpensive too? It’s not that we’re psychic. We were founded by Exchange engineers who know what it takes to manage complex e-mail environments; they pooled all of their “what if’s” and designed Replay for Exchange: a comprehensive solution for lightning fast backup and disaster recovery.

Replay for Exchange continuously images and monitors the health of your Exchange data stores and allows administrators to quickly search, recover, and analyze mailbox content. With Replay you can restore individual email messages, folders, or mailboxes to a live Exchange server or directly to a PST, thereby solving some of your most costly and time consuming challenges. Set-and-forget mean less time spent on managing Exchange and built in health-checks means less time spent on recovery or recovery scenario testing.

Replay for Exchange eliminates backups, while delivering continuous application protection. Worried about storage costs? Replay for Exchange actually reduces disk space requirements by 80% with built-in data de-dupe and compression and supports LCR, CCR and SCC technologies.

  • Backup Elimination
    • Continuous application-aware imaging of Exchange 2007 and 2003 Servers
    • Unique compression and de-duplication reduces disk storage requirements by 80%
    • Eliminates brick-level backups
    • Overhead less than 1-2%  on Exchange servers
  • Application Recovery
    • Exchange Data Stores continuously monitored for corruption
    • Exchange log checking and truncation
    • Message level search and recovery
    • Recover entire volumes in minutes.
    • Recover Storage Groups and individual Exchange Data Stores
    • Bare-metal recoveries of Exchange Server to similar or dissimilar hardware
    • Mount any image as a Windows share for data mining and Exchange database maintenance.
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Built in WAN efficient replication enables off site disaster recovery, ideal for Remote offices or cloud based backup strategies.
    • Automatic creation and continuous updates of standby virtual machines for instant recovery.
    • Push button failover to virtual and physical standby machines
    • Restore Exchange Server at disaster site.
  • Centralized Management and Control
    • Easy to use enterprise console
    • Flexible retention policie

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