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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
Replay Replication

Replication for Off-site Backup and Disaster Recovery

Replication replicates recovery points between the Replay cores and a private cloud in an efficient and safe manner enabling both off-site backup and off-site disaster recovery.

With the Replay Replication option, compressed and deduplicated recovery points are replicated over the WAN making it bandwidth efficient and saving storage costs on the LAN and at the DR location. Replay Replication can be enabled or disabled on a per agent basis – meaning you don’t have to pay for servers you aren’t protecting. It is available in single server and multi-server implementations. The image below is a multi-server configuration.

Features & Benefits
  • Save time with efficient off-site replication of deduped backups
  • Save money by leveraging virtualization for off-site disaster recovery
  • Sleep better with reliable and periodic testing of your off-site disaster recovery plan
Replay supports various replication topologies to meet your business needs. Replication copies the recovery points from a replication source to replication target on a per protected server basis. As recovery points are replicated, all recovery point files and registry settings are replicated to the secondary Replay Core, such that the loss of the replication source won’t mean the loss of all recovery points and protection settings. In the case of a Replay Core outage, the Replay Core can be rebuilt, and resynchronized with a mirror.

Replay Replication Topologies

Replay 4 creates point-in-time snapshots of the protected servers and they are stored as compressed and deduplicated recovery points in a directory accessible from the Replay Core.

1 : 1 Configuration The 1 : 1 configuration is that standard configuration and is useful for protection of a single server or group of servers from 1 site to another.

Many : 1 Configuration
The Many : 1 configuration is useful for protection of remote offices from a centralized location; multiple replication sources can replicate to one replication target as shown in the figure below.

Many: Many Configuration

Replay Replication supports replication on a per protected server basis. This means that you can replicate different protected server’s recovery points to different replication targets in different locations as shown in the figure below.

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