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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
Replay for SQL

Replay for SQL is a real-time SQL server backup and disaster recovery solution developed to assure comprehensive protection — including system and user databases, SQL binaries and the server — making it possible to restore both servers and databases in just minutes. Replay for SQL delivers incremental block-based snapshots throughout the day, automatically testing each full backup for SQL corruption, eliminating the need for manual testing and providing assurance that the backups are valid and will recover successfully.

  • Backup Elimination
    • Continuous application-aware imaging of SQL Server 2008, 2005, and 2000
    • Unique compression and de-duplication reduces disk storage requirements by 80%
    • Overhead less than 1-2%  on SQL servers
  • Application Recovery
    • Nightly attachability checks monitor for database corruption.
    • SQL Log truncation
    • Recover entire volumes in minutes.
    • Recover individual databases
    • Bare-metal recoveries of SQL Server to similar or dissimilar hardware
    • Mount any point in time image as a Windows share for instant access to SQL databases no matter how large.  No need to restore databases from backups eliminates the need for scratch disk space.
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Built in WAN efficient replication enables off site disaster recovery, ideal for Remote offices or cloud based backup strategies.
    • Automatic creation and continuous updates of standby virtual machines for instant recovery.
    • Push button failover to virtual and physical standby machines
    • Restore SQL Server at disaster site.
  • Centralized Management and Control
    • Easy to use enterprise console
    • Flexible retention policies
    • Exception alerting to Windows event log or to e-mail
    • Supports SQL clusters

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