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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution
Replay for Hyper-V

Replay for Hyper-V is an enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery solution designed for Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V environments. It supports both host and guest level backup methodologies while delivering accelerated application backups, fast local recoveries and disaster recovery, all in one solution. With Replay for Hyper-V, the entire hosts, select volumes and individual files within virtual machines can be restored. Replay’s compressed and de-duplicated point-in-time images are mountable as drive letters or mount points delivering storage efficient backups and fast recoveries. AppAssure also offers a free Explorer shell extension for Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 that mounts VHDs as drive letters or mount points so you can access the files within VHDs in seconds.

  • Backup Elimination
    • Live Host based and application-aware agent continuously images the Hyper-V host.
    • No need for agents on individual guests.
    • Unique compression and de-duplication reduces disk storage requirements by 80%
    • Overhead less than 1-2%  on virtual host
    • Integrated with Hyper-V VSS components
  • Fast Local Recoveries
    • Point and click file recoveries from within virtual machines
    • Recover entire virtual machines in minutes.
    • Instant volume recoveries
    • Mount any image as a Windows share for migrations.
    • Bare-metal recoveries of Hyper-V Host to similar or dissimilar hardware
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Off-site backups with Built-in replication, ideal for cloud based backup strategies.
    • Restore Hyper-V host locally or at disaster site.
    • Safeguard virtual host by creating a portable Rescue Image directly to removable storage devices.
  • Centralized Management and Control
    • Easy to use enterprise console
    • Flexible retention policies
    • Exception alerting to Windows event log or to e-mail
    • Supports all Windows virtual workloads

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