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Content Archiving - Email, File and SharePoint Archiving Solution
Enterprise Email Archive Search

MessageSolution EEA Search ’s high scalability allows for quick searching and data retrieval in the email archive.

EEA Search provides legal departments with expeditious search and discovery capabilities. With EEA Search, legal and IT departments can search through high volumes of emails, files and attachments as easily as they can perform a Google search. In addition to quickly searching and retrieving crucial documents for investigations, they can also review and manage the content as a streamlined production process.

EEA enables compliance officers to search through millions of records across the entire email archive within seconds. EEA replaces the lengthy and expensive traditional electronic discovery process with immediate print/send/save functions.

At the individual level, EEA Search allows employees to conveniently search through and access the entire email archive from anywhere in the world, even offline.

Key Features
  • High performance built-in search engine searches through all fields, including subject, content, attachment, sender, recipients, date, size, and more
  • Instantaneous searching by full text keywords, key phrases, Boolean logic, proximity, and fuzzy words
  • Records and centralizes all emails and logging activities for compliance
  • Supports nearly every language, including character-based
  • Fast document production workflow
  • Protects from staff's accidental deletion of important emails
  • User-friendly search and administrative Windows and web-based interfaces for search and retrieval on-site, online or offline

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